Venus Flytraxx

Venus Flytraxx is one of the best kept secrets in the UK, her DJ Sets have entertained party people from F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton to TV/Fashion star Gok Wan across London nightlife and beyond for years. Her effortless blend of feel good party anthems, merged with the nostalgia of classics refreshed by funky remixes, edits and an injection of present and future beats makes her sets cutting edge. From the Ibiza sounds of House to UK Bass, Trap, Hip Hop, Acid, Funk and Tropical rhythms creating her ‘Fuzion of Flytraxx’.

Growing up in London this lady has enjoyed the wave of many musical phenomenon’s from Hip Hop and pop in the 80s, Acid House in the 90s to New Jack Swing, Jungle, Dancehall, Latin, Zouk and more. It was these sounds plus Motown, reggae and calypso played by her mother that inspired her to follow in the footsteps of her DJ Godfather and learn how to DJ as a teenager.

This passion has led to Venus Flytraxx rocking parties at top London clubs and members only venues. Lewis Hamilton encouraged Venus to never give up despite how hard it is in a male dominated industry, and by the looks of things this DJ is just getting started, prepare to be entertained!