Late At Night

Late at Night is more than a DJ name, it is an experience encompassing stylish clothes, good times and great memories.

DJ LAN started his DJ career in 2008 spinning R&B vinyl on Technics 1210’s learning DJ scratching skills that soon had both the needle and clubbers jumping.

From 2008 to 2015 he has spent most of his time perfecting his skills as a DJ at clubs and music festivals.

This steered his music style towards House and EDM but retained his passion for R&B.

In 2015 he performed to over 10 thousand fans in various countries and this experience has helped his DJ sets become most sought after by club owners and festival organisers globally.

DJ LAN is now working on his own music tracks and sounds for various mobile apps.

The choice is yours…. Stay at home or come join the party with the Late At Night team.