DJ Deya has his parents to thank for the musical introduction, growing up in a household were music was on a constant play. The 70’s and 80’s era was a pinnacle time for Disco & Dance Music. With groups such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Bee Gee’s and Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 regular being played, this was more than enough exposure to be hooked on music for life!

But it wasn’t until the late 80’s & early 90’s arrived that he discovered the soulful and hard side of music. RnB & HipHop. This era was the start of DJ Deya’s career in a sense. Watching Yo MTV Raps with Ed Lover and Dr Dre, presenters such as Radio One’s Trevor Nelson and Lisa L’Anson on MTV, DJ Wizard’s such as Grand Master Flash and many other DJs provided him with the urge to follow in the same footsteps and embrace the music in a BIG way.

The DJ’ing was now transforming from more than just a passion & hobby into a craft. Investments in vinyl and record collecting increased over time. As did the skill and technique.

A one piece device, mixer and turntable, housed in one unit, totally mobile, plug and play. A suitable laptop which sourced the music, hundreds & thousands of music was accessible at the touch of a button. No longer where 20-50 kg of vinyl crates were needed per show. Just the laptop and controller. The CD Deck (controller) and all its features took a while to get used to but he learned very quickly.

The music industry was changing and evolving and it was something he wanted to be a part of and push forward too combined with the experience, technical ability and love for the music. It was only right he shared this with the world.