Fri 13th May



The inspirational Eastern and Central European music scene will be the focus of the PULSE Festival 2005 in London venue Cargo from 11th to 14th May 2005. 
 Highly acclaimed bands from Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republics and Hungary experiment with folk by fusing traditional and alternative elements in rich, colourful and evocative performances. Their unique way of dissolving the borders between music styles with crossovers of jazz, folk, rock and house will delight London audiences. 
Tolhaje (Poland)
The most sought after Polish band offers extremely natural and hearty performances somewhere between folk, jazz, rock and dance, and take us on an imaginative musical voyage through the Bieszczady Mountains, where their music finds its inspiration.
The band won the Polish Folk Phonogram prize for their CD “A w niedziela rano” in 2002.  Tolhaje were also nominated for the 2003 FRYDERIKY award in the folk category.

Abuse (Slovak Republic)
A very personal style of music inspired by many genres such as trip hop, electro, industrial and crossover. ABUSE is an electro project created to produce an expressive and heavy blend of electro beats with raw energy, environmental noise, hypnotic loops and human feelings. After two successful EPs 4th Floor Sinking and Sleepfields, Abuse released in November 2004 their first full length CD The Great Outdoors.
Intelligent music from Slovakia, seductive enough to please a large audience! 

The Ecstasy of St. Theresa (Czech Republic)
Fusing the sound of traditional instruments with electronic background noise the band proves that delicate, emotional music can be audacious and cutting edge at the same time. Its musical content reflects what’s happening in the world of modern experimentation.
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa are the only Czech group that have made it into the UK charts and recorded a session with John Peel. Their new album, a downbeat hybrid of Moloko and experimental beat, confirms their position at the forefront of the Czech independent music scene. 

LIVE: TOLHAJE (Poland) + ABUSE (Slovak Republic) + THE ECTASY OF ST. THERESA (Czech Republic)
DJ: LUKE WALLACE (Livestock)
£6 b4 9pm, £10 after / advance