Sat 27th Nov

Almamegretta + Raiz

Almamegretta + Raiz

Sonic explorers from Napoli who recall a Mediterranean version of Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound gang, Almamegretta occupies a thrilling zone of its own. In its native Italy, the quartet is a major underground-alternative success celebrated for singing in Italian (actually Neapolitan) dialect and introducing dub/mix culture there. From the back alleys of Napoli, its command of creative sound science has led to collaborations with such dub underground stalwarts as Adrian Sherwood, Bill Laswell, Massive Attack, and Asian Dub Foundation. Almamegretta has restlessly experimented with melting its Mediterranean melodies with modern dancefloor grooves that extend beyond the Jamaican roots/ragga/dub foundation.

Their album Animamigrante in the mid-90s caught the ear of Massive Attack, which enlisted Almamegretta to remix “Karmacoma” as “The Napoli Trip” for Protection. That connection in turn led to contact with Adrian Sherwood, who mixed their next album Sanacore. Apparently a salute to the regional roots music of Campania through a dub-wise filter, the album and an 80-date tour established Almamegretta as a major popular force in Italy. The song “O Schiaro Cchiu Felice” was later featured in Ben Young’s film The Cell.

Approaching the millenium the album Lingo was recorded in England with Bill Laswell and Count Dubulah (formerly of Transglobal Underground) on bass and Tuvan throat singer Sahinko Namchylak, it virtually abandoned reggae for a jungle/d’n’b/trance rhythm foundation. Raiz, the original vocalist, also worked solo in the British capital with Pathaan’s Orchestral World Groove, sang one track on a 1999 disc by Leftfield and recorded another slated for an Asian Dub Foundation release in 2002. He left the band in 2003 but kept collaborating with them ever since as in the 2008 album Vulgus also featuring reggae/dub legend Horace Andy. Recently the band entered their new era with Dubfellas 1 (2006) and Dubfellas 2 (2010) featuring Neil Perch (Zion Train) among others expanding their rich sound and immaculate production.

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