Fri 12th Nov

Spain Now! presents: Klaus & Kinski Live

The story of Klaus&Kinski, which already comprises three records after the release of “Tierra, trágalos” in April 2010, started unintentionally when Marina let Alejandro convince her to sing a Beatles cover to try out his home-based studio, which he set up in the summer of 2005. Taking advantage of this chance, they recorded some other covers and, as they were at it, they continued with their own songs, specifically the ones written by Alejandro Martínez, who composes, arranges and produces all Klaus&Kinski’s music.


People who know him well say that Alex is part of that new generation seduced by technology, and it is certainly true, but it also should be pointed out that he is one of the most talented composers of that generation within the independent pop scene. His guitar skills are as well known as his talent to find the right people to help him, all of which made Klaus&Kinski one of the discoveries of the 2008/09 season, thanks also to such brilliant records as their first Jabalina releases: their debut album “Tu hoguera está ardiendo” (November 2008) and the miniCD “Por qué no me das tu dinero” (May 2009), which allowed them do an extensive tour which proved their ability to connect with the public, an aspect of the band which is clearly determined by singer Marina, who takes her role with the panache of a spokeswoman willing to share with the audience her experiences and those of the rest of Klaus&Kinski, whose current line-up includes Marina Gómez Carruthers (vocals), Alejandro Martínez Moya (guitars), Paco Martínez Tomás (bass), Antonio de Vicente-Yagüe (keyboards and sequencers) and Pilar Crespo (violin).


When it comes to the style digression, Marina does it as nobody else: “Our aim is to do songs for personal pleasure, keeping the home made feeling. We like to be eclectic (that’s what you say when you have no style or personality) covering from bolero to electronic music, bossa-nova, country-folk, melodic Italian songs from the 70s, 80s style and (kind of) standard indie music. We are influenced by My Bloody Valentine or Stereolab but we don’t feel distant from The Beatles and The Panchos. Even sometimes people have related us with Shoegazer for our chronic nerve and grace on stage, creating a perfect expressive communication with our feet. Alejandro says he likes to hear what the songs say in my little voice…”. Nothing left to say.






Los Ingenieros Alemanes are one of the greatest new bands in Madrid. Their sound shows influences from the early 90’s, and bands such as Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Pavement or Nirvana. They are one of the few bands who make shoegaze in Spanish and a quite good example of what will be the music in the next decade in Spain.


The gig is part of Spain NOW! A Season of Contemporary Arts & Culture from Spain. –


Doors: 7.30pm. Entry £8 in advance or £10 on the door